Sexual Abuse In India

Sexual abuse is increasing day by day in India and I am writing this article because I am angry and I know that so are you. God created two beautiful creatures Adam and Eve when Earth was very young. He provided Adam with strength that can provide protection and Eve with beauty and softness. If… Read More Sexual Abuse In India


The True Meaning Of Love

In one of my previous blog posts, I have mentioned that love is a commitment rather than a feeling. Many people have different views on this topic. I went on to ask some people about what they think the true meaning of love is. Here is what they had to say. “Love is something which… Read More The True Meaning Of Love


During The Tough Times

  I have heard many couples say that they have lost ‘spark’ in their relationship after a few months of dating each other. They think that the love between them has decreased with time. But the only truth is that when two people begin to date each other everything they experience is new to them… Read More During The Tough Times