Bucket List For 2018

So 2018 has just begun! I know right where did 2017 even go?. New year with new thoughts and new life. Lets give it a warm welcome and make a difference in it. Here are a few bucket list items that you should definitely try in 2018.

1. Travel alone

For all those of you who don’t get time to go out whether it might be because of your job or because of your school, traveling alone should be definitely on your bucket list. There is so much more to explore in the world, there is so much more to see in your life. I suggest rather than sitting on your computers 24/7, get some tickets to your favorite place and let your body relax. Traveling alone will calm you and help to know yourself better.


2. Visit an animal shelter

Visiting an animal shelter and adopting an animal is a great cause. Maybe it won’t change your life in a great extent but it will definitely change the life of the animal you will adopt. It is such a great feeling that you can make someone’s life better and give them a home.


3. Sky diving/ Scuba diving

These two things can absolutely change your life. Jumping off of a plane and seeing the world from the top or diving into the depths ocean and exploring the animal world below are two completely separate feelings. I know for some of you it’s really scary, but why to fear when you only have one life and one chance?


4. Give more, take less. Listen more, speak less

These two simple lines are the recipe towards a happy and successful life. You might think it’s a very easy thing to do but trust me, it’s not. To be able to provide others more than you receive back is a quality that everyone don’t possess. Implement these in your life and you are sure to have a great life ahead.


5. Live in the present, not in future or past

The mistake that we all commit in our lives is that we don’t let go of our past or we think about the future. These two things restrict you from living your present happily. We need to learn that we can only be happy if we live the moment which is going on now. Past is gone and future is yet to come, so why waste your time for it?


6. Meditate

I know that we all have a busy schedule and we barely have time for ourselves. But amidst all this, pause, breathe and meditate. It will give you stability in your mental health, which is a must these days. Meditation gives you peace and harmony, so why not just do it?


7. Love yourself

The most important thing in your life right now should be to love and cherish yourself as a person. The key for being happy is to be able to accept yourself for who you are. Its a quality that doesn’t develop in a day or two but can take months. But at it will leave you with nothing but happiness.


Those are some of the many things you can do in 2018. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. I pray that all the happiness and success come your way.

Tell me your bucket list ideas in the comment section below. Lets see how creative can you get with this New Year! Drop a like if you loved the blog and share it with your friends and family. Love y’all ❤

~Harshini 🌺

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