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Dealing With: A Heartbreak

Shattered, broken and tired of this love game. I gave you my everything and this is what you did? Promised me you would never leave and like a fool I trusted you only to later hear from you that you don’t love me anymore? I cried because of you. With you, I only experienced heartbreak. I tried hard to not let go of you, but in the end you were just gone..

Everyone has fallen in love for at least once in their lives. At first its like the best feeling ever. New love, new partner and a whole set of new emotions. Hormones flowing everywhere in the body. No matter how cliché it may sound, it has happened to the best of us.

Dealing With: A Heartbreak

Its all good in the start until reality hits real hard. Complications, fights, you don’t feel same about the person anymore and ultimately no option left other than leaving each other. Extremely shattered we don’t know what to do. We want to get back to the person again and make things right but the more you try to keep the person with you, the more you loose them. Finally the relationship which you thought was going to last forever, doesn’t last any longer. You feel that its your fault and you think that you were stupid, trust me its nothing like that. Everyone makes mistakes and its those mistakes from which you learn and grow.

You don’t understand what to do or where to go. You just want them back. But trust me if it was meant to be it would have never ended in the first place. Yes, that’s the sad reality. From some relationships we only gain a lesson and nothing else. Even if they get back to you, don’t you think that the person who has left you once for varied reasons, will not think twice to leave you again!

Dealing With: A Heartbreak

It may feel like the end of the world to you. But it’s not. It’s a new beginning. Beginning to a new life. You deserve much more than just being left out by a person. You are strong and bold. Remember, if they have left you its their loss, not yours. You deserve someone who loves the way you want them to and you will know if its that person or not, because when its the right time you wouldn’t have to fight for it. It will remain yours forever.

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