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FBB And Max Try On Clothing Haul 2018

Today I have decided to do something completely out of my element. I have decided to do a clothing haul. I wanted to bring to you guys simple and affordable fashion from simple stores like FBB and Max. The reason behind this was many of you will start college or have already started with your college. So without any further ado lets just get onto it.

1) White Lace Crop Top

I bought this top from max. It costed me Rs. 499. I took the size small. I mean the size varies from store to store, so it’s better if you try it on before buying it. The top is fully made out of white lace and it is a crop top. The thing that I really liked about this top is that it also comes under a sports dress. It has the number ’78’ sewn on it. The top has black crew neck that gives it a good finishing look.

Rate 4.5/5

FBB And Max Try On Clothing Haul 2018

2) Peach Floral Off Shoulder Top

The top is bought from FBB which costed Rs. 599. It is from a company known as DJ & C. I took medium size.The best thing about the top is its color. I really loved the peach color and the floral print on it. That were the two main things that grabbed my attention onto it. Coming to the material, the top is made out of polyester. It has flared sleeves. The top is off shoulder as well with a string to tie it up in the front.

Rate 4/5

FBB And Max Try On Clothing Haul 2018

3) Black T-Shirt Dress

I bought this dress from FBB. The dress is from a company known as Spunk. I bought it for Rs. 999. The size which fitted me was Medium. The dress has a solid black color to it, which really makes it to stand out. It is a knee length dress which is made out of cotton. The reason that made me to buy this dress is because of the sequin work of golden star on it.

Rate 5/5

FBB And Max Try On Clothing Haul 2018

4) Tee With Cut Out Back

This tee is from FBB from Spunk company. The price of this tee is Rs. 499. It is made out of a unique blended fabric and has a really smooth touch to it. I took a medium size. The tee has a cut out back which uplifts its look. I bought it in white and pink color whereas even white and grey was also available.

Rate 3.5/5

5) Black Knit Top

I got this top from Max. It costed Rs. 799. The whole top is made out of black net to which it even has white crew neck. The top consists of long sleeves and also a blue shimmery spaghetti top. The spaghetti is holographic. I bought a size extra small for myself.

Rate 4.5/5

6) Black Floral Cold Shoulder Top

This top is from Max and priced Rs. 599. The top is made out of cotton. It even has a traditional look to it. It has black and yellow strips running around the sleeves and the bottom of the top. The black floral print on it makes it to stand out. It has a good feminine touch to it as well.

Rate 4/5

7) Olive Green Graphic Tee

This tee was bought from Max. It priced Rs. 599. The fabric is a blended one and again has a really soft touch to it. It is a graphic tee. It has bronze lettering stating “I’d Rather Be Weird Than Boring”. Graphic tees are a great way to tell people what you feel (pun intended). It has a criss cross structure going on the sleeves.

Rate 4/5

So guys that ends the haul right there. Do tell me if you liked it and I should do more hauls like this in future.


Technical Info:

The pictures are shot on iPhone X by Jaldy Sheshank ( Instagram: @sheshankbobby)

All the images used are a subject to copyright. If used please link it back to my website

-Harshini Chandrika

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    Wow tops..i also want..can you tell me i also want to buy

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      I tried to find the link to the clothes online but unfortunately I couldn’t. I will try my best to put in links once I find them. Thank you so much ❤

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