He Isn’t Any Other Guy: Chapter Three

Chapter Three: A Rumor Started It All

The situation I was in was beyond my imagination. Kabir coming and talking to me, Adhira? Unbelievable. He sat beside me. And then he asked me, ‘so you are a junior right?’

‘Yes I am and what about you?’ I asked him.

‘Well I am in my third year.’

‘That’s great!’

‘Are you feeling awkward that I came and sat beside you?’ He questioned me after seeing that I was kind of uncomfortable.

‘I mean kind of. But I would like to know the reason behind it, if I may.’

‘TBH, there is no particular reason behind it. Just wanted to make some new friends in here. It gets pretty boring seeing the same faces everyday, you know!’

‘Oh, is it? So do you approach people like this every year?’

‘I have never done it before honestly’.

I noticed that he had a little blush on his face. And after I heard his answer I was pretty happy as well. You know that feeling right, when someone you like also kind of likes you, I mean that would be the only reason why he started to talk to me in the first place. All great things happening on the first day of college itself. Let’s see what I have in store for the rest of the years. As soon as I was about to reply him, the bell rang, unfortunately! I didn’t wanted him to leave, but I couldn’t sound desperate on the first talk itself right? We bid goodbye to each other and left for our classes.

After the day was over, I kept thinking about the conversation we had during recess in our college bus. I just couldn’t stop smiling. I reached home, and my parents waited for me to tell my first day experience to them. My parents have been doing this since I was a child. Maybe we never grow in their eyes, right? I told them how I ran into a tree and even made some new friends. They burst out laughing after they heard about the incident that took place in the morning. I couldn’t stop laughing myself. We all had a good time and then I went to change in my room.

As I entered my room, I heard my phone buzz. It was from Ishita. I picked her call and asked her if it was something urgent because I had to freshen up. She said me to stop doing whatever I was doing. My heart was in my mouth. I was in utter shock after I heard what she said. So apparently, there is this rumor going on in the whole college that Kabir likes me and wants to ask me out. I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know if I was happy or shocked. A mix of two would probably define how I felt that exact moment.

She further told me that there was a party at her house the next day and I should come. Even Kabir was coming. How could I say no? This all was like a perfect fairy tale to me. I still had a doubt about the whole rumor thing because you never know what the truth is going to be but I really hoped it to be true. I never knew that things would work this way. Thinking so, I told her that I would be there tomorrow and kept the phone.

I threw my phone on the bed and was so happy. My phone buzzed again, this time it was some unknown number. I lifted the call and it was a familiar voice on the other side of the phone. It was Kabir. ‘How did you get my number Kabir?’ I asked him. ‘Please don’t be mad, I took it from Ishita. I hope it’s okay if I call you, right?’ he asked and I knew he was kind of tensed. ‘It will be only okay if you meet me in lunch tomorrow as well’, I chuckled. ‘Yes sure thing’, he assured me. ‘And you are coming tomorrow for the party right?’ I asked him. ‘I will be there’, he said. ‘Okay bye then. See you tomorrow at lunch’, saying so he hanged up.


Adhira and Kabir had a strange connection instantly. What do you guys think about it? What do you think will happen next? Comment your views in the comment section below.

– Harshini Chandrika

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