He Isn’t Just Any Other Guy: Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven: Eternal Love

As soon as he laid his hands on me, the time stopped. All I could think was how comfortable I was with him. Nothing felt awkward or not right. It was like everything that has happened before in my life has led me to this place. There are times in your life where you just want to be lost in a moment and never come back. Well, this one was definitely one of those.

His hands felt so warm running down my body. ‘You are okay with all this right?’ Kabir asked me because he was nervous. ‘I have never felt any better in my life,’ I comforted him. For the first time ever everything felt so right. I felt I was at the right place in the right time.

He slowly removed my clothes and I did the same. That moment we were so engaged in each other. His hands did magic on my body. It was something that I had never felt before. That night led us to do something forbidden. That night made us grow more closer.

I couldn’t control myself. The next second I knew, my lips were on his, kissing them passionately. I wanted to be with him always and I knew that so did he. Kabir stopped and then tucked my hair behind my ears and again kissed me. I could see in his eyes that he felt the same way that I did.

Now was the time to move things more forward. I was 1% hesitant, but that also was vanished after Kabir comforted me. We both had a connection that if I had a problem he would know it and vice versa. The warmth of his body gave me peace. He proceeded and kissed my neck from the back. I never felt so sensitive in my entire life. He knew what he was doing and that was a huge turn on.

And now it was time to do ‘THE THING’. How did I know that? I don’t know. Even though we didn’t speak a word, our hearts understood everything. I could feel the weight of his body on top of me. I felt the pain, although not so painful. Rather pleasurable. My moans told him that I was loving what he was doing.

Everything we did was completely out of love. It wasn’t even heat of the moment. I wanted it and so did he. I would never regret the time we spent together.

Later, Kabir decided to drop me to my home. No words spoken the whole time in car. We reached home. He opened his door, got out, opened my door and asked me to come out. Such a gentleman he was. He kissed my forehead and said, ‘Do you know what eternal love is?’ ‘I don’t,’ I replied. ‘It something that I do to you. The love I have for you is eternal,’ saying so he got on his knees. ‘Adhira, will you give the privilege to be yours? And love you forever?’ ‘Of course, Kabir!’ I said with tears in my eyes.

‘I LOVE YOU,’ he said and kissed me on my forehead. We hugged each other. ‘I LOVE YOU TOO!’

Saying so I went inside my home and he left too. I couldn’t stop thinking about the time we spent together. Just one thought was spinning around my head, so much happened in so less time. And it was so beautiful. There was not even one second where I thought that I was doing something wrong. That it was wrong committing to Kabir. Everything felt so right. I know I have said that already a hundred times before. But that’s what I feel right now.

Kabir gave me what a guy couldn’t give anyone in years. The love we developed for each other in a few days is something that no one would understand, even me. Each second spent with Kabir will not be regretted. Things always work out on their own when you really love someone. He gave me his everything without asking anything. And that’s the reason why ‘He Isn’t Just Any Other Guy’

Well guys that was the finale of the ‘He Isn’t Just Any Other Guy’ series. Please do tell me in the comment section below if you liked it.

– Harshini Chandrika


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