He Isn’t Just Any Other Guy: Chapter Six

Chapter Six: Connection

I wanted to talk to Kabir so badly. I felt an instant connection between us. I bet that kiss was something more than just liking. He looked into my eyes in such a way that he would give up everything in the world just to be with me. And I would do the same for him.

I got a text from Kabir again. He probably knew that something was wrong with me as I didn’t replied the first text. This one said, “Hey, wanna meet you. Can you come to my home by 6?” I replied to this one because I couldn’t stop myself. I said, “K, sure.” I low key wanted him to realize that I was mad at him and hence the ‘K’ text was perfect.

I got ready and left for his house. After reaching there, I knocked at his door. And I was welcomed by this pretty smile on his face. I just wanted to kiss him, but I even wanted him to apologize for the previous night. He started off by saying, “I know Adhira, I made a mistake last night by leaving the party without informing you. One of my friend was completely passed out and he was supposed to get home early so that his parents won’t find out about the party and stuff. I am sorry.”

Did he just apologize for his mistake? I mean most of the guys just blabber about them being always right. That moment I realized that he wasn’t just any other guy, he was different. I just said, “Okay, so why did you call me now? Just to apologize?” I guess that was way too kinky to say at that moment. It would send wrong signals right?

“Nothing like that, I wanted to make up for my mistake and plus no one is home. So we can spend some time together and I can finish what I started in the party,” saying so Kabir came and sat next to me and continued. “Adhira, I fell in love with you the second I laid my eyes on you. I just wanted to talk to you always and that was the solemn reason why I took your number from Ishita. There are many people in the college who like me, but I never looked at them. A guy like me who is so arrogant and has so much self esteem just lost it when I met you. My arrogance and ego is only for the world and it just vanishes when I am with you. The only thing that I have for you is love.”

Saying so he paused for a while and said, “I just want to see you happy. You might be happy with a lot of people. But the only person I will be happy with is you. Will you please be my love?” I was so happy that tears literally started to fall from my eyes. Out of happiness of course. No one had ever told me that they loved me. People barely talked to me. But I could really say that Kabir felt what he said and he meant it. I could see that in his eyes.

“Yes Kabir, I would definitely be with you to love and cherish you always,” I said and then I did something that I never thought I would do. I leaned forward to give him a kiss. That kiss was just for him and me. That kiss was so passionate. That kiss was the beginning of something beautiful. He then gently pulled me closer to him and made me to sit on him. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me more close to him.

“I would never do anything to hurt you. I just want you always with me,” saying so Kabir lifted me and took me to his room. The love he had for me was reflecting through his eyes. He put me on his bed and then just looked at me. I know what he wanted. But he was kind of hesitating to ask. I just put my hands over his shoulders and told him, “It’s okay” That moment I knew he felt more comfortable and so did I.

You know that moment when you just gaze into each other’s eyes and speak nothing but understand everything. We definitely hesitated a lot in the beginning, but what we were about to do felt so right. I felt that finally I was in a place where I belonged.

Kabir and Adhira were growing more closer second by second. What do you think would have happened next? I can assure you it is something that you shouldn’t miss.

– Harshini Chandrika

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