How Homosexuality Is Treated In India

Homosexual is a word which is not used in India much. Why you ask? Because it is considered a taboo. Homosexuality is treated as a bad condition which people go through. It is treated like something which is unacceptable for a person to be.

To be honest many people don’t even know what homosexuality stands for. They ignore the fact that it represents an entire community. Gays and lesbians are just mere curse words. The main reason for this is because no one generates awareness on this important topic. Creating awareness is really far, people don’t even utter the word out of their mouths.

The condition of homosexuals in India is pretty pitiful. They are not accepted in the society. They are considered are pretty much aliens. Now as we are talking about the society, being homosexuals to them is unnatural and against their norms. Our society generally thinks that if a person is homosexual, it is because of their upbringing. They think that if we teach children from a young age that belonging to the LGBTQ+ community is unacceptable, they will choose not to love a person from the same sex as theirs.

Whereas most of the people in India are under the illusion that homosexuality is biologically not right, there are even some people as well who support it. People are finally coming out of their little bubble and thinking in a bigger perspective. They are accepting homosexuality and thinking that there is nothing is wrong with it.

Although we have a tiny advancement in people’s thinking, Indian law has still taken no special steps to legalize gay marriage. Don’t you think that it’s high time that homosexual people should also be considered one among us. Because at the end of the day they are humans as well.

The only thing we can do for them is accepting them the way they are. Not judging them and letting them live their own life. After all who are we to judge them anyways?

Homosexuality shouldn’t be considered unnatural or wrong or unacceptable. It is a person’s choice of their sex and whom they want to love. It is as normal as a straight relationship.

What encouraged me to write about this topic is the following post which popped on my feed in Instagram. It was posted by a page called Course. The picture below is self explanatory.

How Homosexuality Is Treated In India
Picture Courtesy: Course

‘In A Heartbeat’ is a short film made by Beth David and Esteban Bravo that beautifully depicts how a gay couple falls in love. It also showcases how the society treats them for falling in love with the same sex. In the whole short film no words are spoken but all the feelings are conveyed. You can watch the short film below.

Don’t you think it’s high time that our law should legalize gay marriage as well? And don’t you think that we should accept them the way they are as they are going through a lot? I know all these questions need to be answered some or the other day. Till then do watch the video below from where I have only taken some extracts into this article. What homosexuality means to Indians is also depicted below.

– Harshini Chandrika

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