Knowing Who You Truly Are

Betrayal, hearts being broken again and again, feeling dejected, abasing yourself and what not, we all have been through this phase of life. And when this happens it may take away all your courage and strength and leave you with nothing. At this moment you will have one of two choices to make.
One, either you just continue your life the way it is, or
Two, you pick yourself up and get ready to fight the next battle of your life. When deciding between these two, you will come to know who you truly are.

If you have made the choice to go on with the second option, you already have won half of the battle. Moving on is tough, it is very tough indeed. We, humans don’t want to let go of our past. We want it to stick around us. But think for a moment, is it even worth it? The answer to this question is most likely NO.

Because let it be betrayal, or not getting success in your life, you blame yourself for each and everything in your life. And I totally understand, because we all have been through it. Getting hurt is easy, but fixing all the broken pieces is not. You need to understand one thingĀ  that all situations in life can’t be controlled by you. And there is no point in expecting others to change.

Many of us at times let others rule us and due to this they start to feel that they are superior than us. They spread negative energy around you. And you start to underestimate your potential. But the thing is you are capable of doing anything and everything in life. Remember one thing that, when you underestimate yourself, you give others the authority to boss over you!

We can only know who we truly are even we learn to build our self confidence. People are going to judge you and degrade you no matter what. But your confidence should be so high that the stones they throw at you, doesn’t even reach you!

You need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, because those are the things that make you. Another very important thing is you should be true to yourself. Never lie to yourself.

No-one but you yourself should be at the top of your priority list. Help others but not till the extend that you loose yourself. And when times are tough, don’t expect anyone’s help but learn to help yourself and deal with the situations. Don’t abandon yourself for the sake of others.

Find happiness in the little things and give preference to the people who are really there for you, rather than running behind those who are not. Follow your dreams. Take risks and find your true identity.

Because at the end of the day, your biggest opponent is who you were yesterday and your biggest asset is who you are going to be tomorrow.


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