Letter To My Ex Best Friend

Dear ex best friend,

It was last night that I was checking a few folders in my laptop when I came across a folder of your name. Nostalgic? Yes I was. My heart and my mind went numb at first. I miss you every now and then. I miss our late night phone calls. All those gossips, ranting about people we hate,planning about the future, the holiday trip we planned to go when we were capable enough, talking about our crushes, lame jokes and the list continues. Remember the days when everyone spoke about our friendship and we were lucky to have each other? I do. And I know so do you do. I wonder why did it ever had to end? Who can forget those days when we spoke with our eyes when we had to tell each other something when we were around random people. I miss calling your home “My Home”. And you calling my family as your family.
On the days you were sick and left early to home, you were also taking a half of me with you. You know why? Cause you were my shadow and my partner in crime. I couldn’t ask for anything better than a friend worth you. When I was bothered with something and hid that from you, I wonder how you discovered that things weren’t fine with me and soothed me with your explanation over it. You accepted me and loved my flaws and always taught me to be the best person . You never left my side until you made sure that I was happy. More than a best friend, you were my Soul Sister. We twinned almost every time in everything.

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Do you remember how this made few people jealous of our friendship!
Do you remember when you loved a song, you texted me the lyrics dedicating it to me?
And the next day, I’d be in love with the same song and we’d hummed it during the class.
You were my living journal who knew about all my thoughts and all about how I feel. You always made me feel better when I was discomposed. I remember how you called me to ask for suggestions when you were confused or distressed over something and later felt joyous after we had a convo.
You were the person I could do anything for. I could never imagine a life without you. You my Bebe, were the brightest star of my sky which I could never afford loosing. You were never perfect, yet you were so pure.
Today, here we are. Way apart from each other unsure about the things going with each other. It was just a fight over a very small thing which broke the strongest bond between us. A bond of lifetime. I lost you. What could be worse? And again I was right, the greatest fear of loosing someone came true. Nothing can prepare you to deal with the aftermath. Nothing in this world could undo the fight we had.


I believe you and I are still the same for each other deep down our hearts. After all that’s happened, all I can say is that you still have a special place in my heart and I still love you the same old way I used to. I feel the void in my heart and life without you. When you think we could be friends again, you know where to hunt me down.
All I wish you is to stay happy. With or without me.

With lots of love,
Your ex-best friend.

Article By Gautami

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