Prospective Employees, Here’s A Shortcut To Impress Your Employer

The one bothersome thought that plagues all the people who are aiming on scoring a job of their liking is how to impress their employer? A burning question that is ever-existent is what does an employer look for in a prospective employee? Most people have rhetorical answer that states, skills, grades, intelligence etc. the list clearly revolves around one’s academic milestones and achievements.

But what does an employer actually look for? Undoubtedly, academics play a rather substantial role in making one’s presence and skill set known to the employer, but what really strikes the deal stands to be one’s personality traits.

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An employer looks for someone who has an overall positive outlook. A person who is approachable, friendly and at the same time who takes any challenge as a source to learn and develop better versions of themselves. A person who is honest and humorous, after all, everyone enjoys a good laugh.

The employer also looks for the certain quality of being meticulous. Not only is an employee expected to be spotless in his work but its also expected of them to have everything sorted and organized. Being systematic is a highly appreciated quality.

Of course, a person’s skill set plays a strong role too, because no employer wants to spend time in training the recruits right from square 1. So good speaking skills, meticulous representation, the ability to quickly assess a situation as well as looking at the given situation from different perspectives, all such things play a major role in appealing to the employer’s requirements for a post.

Lastly, an employer prefers to have someone who can work in a team and who knows how to look at the bigger picture. Someone who understands the organization’s goals and has the capability to motivate a team into working towards it.

Check all these of your checklist and you’re ready to bag some amazing prospects.


Article by Ayushi Banerjee

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