Harshini Chandrika is an amateur writer from Hyderabad, India. She started writing her heart out at the age of 15. Being optimist about any negative situation is her forte. She has taken part in many books as a co author. The main reason why she started to pen her feelings down was because she wanted to convey her feelings to the world. The solemn goal in her life is to make her readers happy through what she writes. Writing has always been the best platform to express one’s feelings.

She first began to post her quotes on Instagram. Her little audience really appreciated her work. That’s when she decided to give her writings a better and huge platform. And that’s where blogging came into picture.

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Kurakula Aneesha is a happy hearted person who loves food and proud to be a foodie from Hyderabad, India. She wanted her passion and her profession to be the same. So she chose business management. The passion towards the food made her a food blogger. The love towards food transformed her into a little chef. She then came up with her own recipes. Her interest on food made her taste buds tingle for different types of food. She then started rating food, visiting many more restaurants. She started her first food traveling by visiting Singapore.

Ayushi Dipshika Banerjee is a thinker and an amateur writer, currently in studying in Hyderabad. She’s a voracious reader, she can read anything and everything as long as it makes her think. What stands to be her strongest point is that she isn’t afraid of facing difficulties. She always sees the glass as half full and half empty.
Her strongest belief is that the grass is the same on both sides, it just appears to be prettier on the other side. What pushed her to showcase her writing is her opinion that if she doesn’t express the emotion, she’s afraid no one else will.
So if she doesn’t pierce her tongue with the thorns, nobody will let the flowers fall off their lips.
Finding like-minded people has always been her goal and finding such people pushed her into blogging.

Anjali Sharma is just another writer in house. She is a still a learner; trying to pen down the best of her works. She is a jolly and happy go lucky type of person giving reasons to smile more often. Her optimism and faith in God is what keeps her going. She accepts things as they come to her life, always looking at the better picture. She has eyes full of dreams. She spreads the message of staying positive in the most terrible moments of ones life.
She gives words to her thoughts; thoughts she gets through her own experiences. She gives ways to tackle our everyday problems with a smile on our face.

Gautami dev is a budding author and a literary enthusiast. She enjoys reading but her oxygen is photography. She’s a gifted artist with a knack for finding the most surreal places in the not so ordinary places. Her charming personality and her happy go lucky self is a model to behold. She puts the “extra” in the extraordinary. She enjoys philanthropy as well as being with those she helps. She finds happiness in the simplest of things, like a good conversation and a happy evening. She loves motivating people to do their best. She has been exploring the writers retreat for a year now. What she aims to achieve through her writing is to make a difference to those people who need some help to see through life. Starting her blogging adventure what she seeks is peace with herself and peace for those who want to find it.