Sexual Abuse In India

Sexual abuse is increasing day by day in India and I am writing this article because I am angry and I know that so are you. God created two beautiful creatures Adam and Eve when Earth was very young. He provided Adam with strength that can provide protection and Eve with beauty and softness. If one lacked anything, the other had it. They both counter balanced each other. That’s how nature is meant to be. That’s how nature is. Females don’t have as much physical strength as compared to males.

But in the past years, men have been taking advantage of this. They use their strength not to protect but rather to molest. Now I am not saying that every man is a beast. But there are beasts out there in the form of humans.

Do you know that every hour at least 4 cases of abuse are recorded. And those are only the recorded ones, we don’t know about the rest. The current situation is making all of us angry.

Sexual Abuse In India

Hear me out when I say that rallies will not work. Posters for justice does not work. Posting pictures online won’t work. People need to understand that protecting women doesn’t mean to cage them up. Protecting women doesn’t mean to stop them from going out after 7 in night or asking them to cover themselves. Our problem is we want to suppress women in the name of protection but doesn’t want to teach the men to respect and value women.

Sexual Abuse In India

From childhood girls and boys are raised differently. Girls are expected to be in a certain way, sit with a posture, walk with poise and not to sit with legs wide open. Have you ever heard someone say all this to a man? I don’t think so. And this is where we go wrong. This is where our society is wrong. The only way to bring about change is to teach them boys young.

Let’s not for once teach women how to behave but teach men from childhood to respect women. Women aren’t sexual objects. They shouldn’t be merely treated like bodies for sexual fulfillment of desires for others.

I know that there are men out there who would do anything for the protection of women and have immense care for them. But there are even men who treat women as things who are just exist for completing their desires. Men like these must be punished severely so that they don’t even have the courage to look at women.

Sexual abuse of any form shouldn’t be acceptable. The government must take crucial steps to eradicate it completely.

India recently topped the list of most dangerous country for a woman. What according to you makes India lack in protecting women? Comment down your views regarding it.

– Harshini Chandrika

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