The True Meaning Of Love

In one of my previous blog posts, I have mentioned that love is a commitment rather than a feeling. Many people have different views on this topic. I went on to ask some people about what they think the true meaning of love is. Here is what they had to say.

“Love is something which is felt from heart. It has ups and downs but true love is when you face it and support the one whom you love. It could be parent/ friend / boyfriend or anybody. Love is when you are ready to sacrifice and bare the pain for your beloved one.”

-Anjela Meghani

“Love is a very beautiful feeling of respect and care towards each other in a relationship. Let it be love for anybody. May it be for mom, dad, siblings, friends or children. It makes you feel special and pampered. It makes u feel protected and you need love at every point in your life. If we don’t choose the right person to love it may turn out to be a source of pain and sorrow.”

-Fareeha Hameed

Everyone has a different perception about love.
To me, love is a magical bond between two people which cannot be described in words. Love is something that happens when you think you don’t want anyone in your life and this magical thing happens in a unnoticed way. Love is not about any caste, religion, degree or any social status. It’s all about how well you understand each other, support each other in difficult times, care about each other and trust each other. When you trust each other, your relation becomes so strong that neither the people nor the distance can separate each other. Love is about accepting people from different communities and respecting their traditions. It’s about vows you make to each other to cherish in your life. It’s about the compatibility you share and warmth you feel for each other. It is the answer that can mend the deepest unseen wounds and which consoles , heals and yes which changes us for a good cause.
For people in love, Happy loving!

– Gautami Basuthkar

“Love is a sense that every human being develops every day. There is a quote stating that ‘The pain which can’t kill you, makes you strong’, similarly love may give us pain sometimes but in the long run it always makes us strong. Only a smile on their face can turn our bad day into a good one. If the person we love is sad, we fight with the world to bring happiness to them and always want to see them happy is called love!!
Wanting them and restricting them as we like is called greed. Love is giving and not taking. The freedom we give to them is love.”

– Vaibhav

“Love is the world where my mom stands for me. She’s the one who’ve been there for us and would always be there. Falling in love with a person accidentally is cute but complicated. Because there we have mixed emotions and feelings. Does he feel the same way I feel about him? I mean he would always tell me that he does love me, but that love can fade with time. But the love my mom has for me is forever.”

– Priyanka Bisht


The True Meaning Of Love

“Love is when you value the happiness of the other person more than yours. It is when you pray and their name comes in your mind and you wish everything good for them. Love is when in the midst of chaos of your own life you think about how they are doing.  It’s when you had a tedious day and when you lay down all you want is to hear their voice and wish them good night. Love is not continuously talking and laughing together, it is when you understand that person, and it is when you can read their silence.
Love is showing care be it for little things. Love is not always sweet and magical. It’s difficult at times; distance, fights, heart breaks, despair, jealousy, sorrow. These are all are a part of it but at the end of the day if you want to see then smile then this is love.

I feel loved when someone cares for me and does little things for me. When the person respects my feelings and not make fun of them. It’s when they understand and encourage when time is difficult.”

– Apoorv

“Love is a magic which mind replays and the heart can’t delete. A pure form of belief and trust which stays with us and even after us. It’s like the rain in the desert happens rare but it’s memorable. Love is irreplaceable.”

– Anuroop Roni

“Love to me is just a word until someone has given a definition to it. If there is a choice between love and my breath I swear I would love to hold my last breath happily for you.”

– Instagram: x.feelings_for_u.x


This is what they had to say. What do you think the true meaning of love is? Comment down below your views regarding it.

– Harshini Chandrika


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