Why Do We Lie So Much

Lies, lies and lies!! This is what we all do on daily basis. We all lie at some point of time for some or the other reason. It is something most of us are very adept at. We lie with ease, in ways big and small, to strangers, co-workers, and friends and loved ones.

Honesty may be the best policy but scheming and dishonesty are part of what makes us ‘humans’.

Our capacity for dishonesty is as fundamental to us as our need to trust others, which ironically makes us terrible at detecting lies. Being deceitful is woven into our vey fabrics so much that it would be truthful to say that to lie is human.

Few years back, a research was conducted wherein 147 adults were asked to jot down for a week every instance where they tried to mislead someone. The research found that the subjects lied once or twice a day.

Most of these truths were unobjectionably intended to hide ones inadequacies or to protect the feelings of others. Some lies were mere excuses and some aimed at presenting false image.

Human beings should universally possess a talent for deceiving one another shouldn’t actually surprise us.

It is speculated that lying as behaviour arose after emergence of languages.

In today’s world it is much easier to lie to someone in order to get money or power than to hit them over their head or rob a bank.

We can’t deny the fact that it’s a deeply inbuilt human trait.

Especially in this age of social media lying has become more prominent. What we show ourselves and what we are poles apart. Our ability as a society to separate truth from lies is under a serious threat.

It’s true we all lie but not all the lies are same. We all bend the truth in our own ways for one or the other benefit. If I was told to make a bullet list of these reasons; it will be something like this…

  • FEAR

People often tend to tell lies when they are afraid of what might happen if they speak the truth.


These types of lies are observed when you deliberately want to harm someone.


Everybody wants be famous. We all do a lot of things to be the centre of attraction and it’s not easy way to at all. A series of lies begins with a single lie you said so as to be known for something you never did.


This is more common in small kids. Every child has his own world of fantasy. They long for things which are certainly not possible and so they choose an ‘easy’ way out. They start lying though these are very small and totally harmless but this is where the root of all the forth coming lies lies.


We all have some goals in our lives and sometimes these are really unrealistic. We start lying to ourselves. We start lying to ourselves sometimes unknowingly and most of the times intentionally.


This is one of the kindest reasons to lie. Whoa it sounds funny though. We the humans are social animals we live in a society where harmony is extremely important. So, sometimes we lie to protect somebody else’s prestige. Example of which includes people of Holland during World War II lied to protect Jewish people from Nazis.

So here we saw some of many reasons of why we lie.

You must have experienced a few of these yourself.

So, what next?

One lie gives birth to a hundred of others.

The world might not be perfect or the truth always easy to take but you can find peace and freedom in knowing the truth that the world you’ve created around is real; only then we can live a life that we always desire to live.

-Article By Anjali

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